Bulldozer becomes “Killdozer”, mechanic becomes “Hero”; ultimately used foreign equipment



Bulldozer becomes “Killdozer”, mechanic becomes “Hero”; ultimately used foreign equipment

If I was going to mow down my entire town with a piece of heavy equipment I would firstly use an excavator, but secondly, and more importantly I would have supported an American brand.

It seems to me that rebelling against a town ordnance is a very American thing, and should be practiced at will, it’s a right that we all have, to protest I mean. How we protest is as individual as every American Patriot out there. But still, if we are going to protest as Americans we should use American goods. Why did he make a distinctly foreign purchase and then a distinctly American protest?

Komatsu? Really?

The killdozer hero would have been, nay, could have been a true American hero, instead he seems to be a multinational hero. Japanese specifically.

Preferably I would have used a Caterpillar tractor, but if I was gonna cheap out I might even use Case International(ok, not quite american, but it used to be). Shit, if I had cash to burn would have built a “Killdeere” like this; heated seated seats and air conditioning, what else could a folk hero ask for? I mean, if someone was going to make my commute longer by stealing my land and putting a concrete store on it I would be pissed as well.

But surely I would use, with all sorts of pride, American Iron, not some substandard Japanese slag. I cannot even imagine a red blooded American muffler welder cavorting with foreign metals. Not even to save some money. In the end do you save money if you lose all integrity? Even if it’s better, even if it works miracles, even if makes your wildest dreams come true, what of your home, your people, your American pride?

What then my friend?

My killdozer.


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