Students/Adults Pay University $45,494 a Year and are Still Required to attend class

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Students/Adults Pay University $45,494 a Year and are Still Required to attend class

It’s evident that if students are forced to pay $1421 a week, they should be able to skip class on a whim. Most U.S. Government workers are paid $81K per year to skip out on work whenever they please, so the least we can do for students attending a publicly funded university is to let them set foot into adulthood without a tether attached to their hip. You can teach a man to fish, but you can’t convince him or her that attending calc2 is better than spending a seemingly insignificant portion of there student loans on weed and carbs fried in putrid oils while re-watching Rick and Morty episodes (much love). But, mom, or should I say Dean so and so? You gotta let them grow up on their own. Fear of repercussion doesn’t make a man follow the rules on purpose.

Then again, the motive here is probably not to get students to go to class but to pretend like we care if students go to class. And, if at all possible, somehow prove to all the Helicopter moms out there that we care about their kids enough to spy on them and potentially track their every location.

No matter if this is to appease worried mums or a government/corporate conspiracy to condition the next class of workers, it’s not going to make anyone work harder unless it’s to avoid being not detected at work. The effort will, however, result in a concerted effort by pupils, and likely the masses in the future, to fear authority and all the abuses they will do, either on purpose or accident, with our personal data.

College is perpetrated on future debtor by the same people that are willing to saddle them with it despite it providing  “dubious value.”

Trust your college as much as you trust your government.


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