COVID-19 Pre-existing Immunity Calls for “Immunity Tax”


Some 40% of folks, or more, have some form of un-earned immunity.

covid unfair

covid unfair

COVID-19 Pre-existing Immunity Calls for Immunity Tax

Some 40% of folks, or more, have some form of un-earned immunity. This is a “privilege” of birth; you might say it is an “Immunity Privilege”, and, as such, it seems fair that we might look into these groups that have this “Immunity Privilege” given to them upon birth. Especially since this appears not to be random, but an inherited trait that is disproportionately affecting certain classes, namely the healthy.

Some mechanism could detect it if these groups indeed deserve this useful anti-body attribute, and with this information build a database of these peoples and track this privilege down to the last hold out.

And, if some newly appointed, or christened government agency determines that an individual does not maybe deserve, or have otherwise earned this great gift, then perhaps a penalty could be applied, so that those who are affected in a more serious way, or god forbid killed, can feel safe at night knowing that those who can’t get sick suffer all the same.

Seems only fair that we force nature to conform to the idea of justice for all, as the Three Musketeers teach us in Dumas’ tale.

We can’t allow COVID-19 to get away with targeting based on race, socio-economic class, age, gender, eating habits, health status, vaccine-access or pre-existing “Immunity Privilege”. We’re all in this together, so let’s wrangle this bastard in and make him/her/they play fair. Let’s fight for a fairer virus for the future.

Support a COVID-19 Immunity Tax today: make a COVID-19 play fair tomorrow.


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